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  • Open System Architecture

  • Command and Control

  • Tracking

  • Infrastructure

  • Alert Management

  • Security

  • Display

Physics Background Understanding Sensors & Effectors


  • EW



  • EOIR

Technical  Team Lead
(Chief Engineer/Architect/Design Lead)

Military System Architect

  • Development of Acoustic Data Analysis and Signal Processing Systems

  • Development of Advanced Parallel Processing Software Tools across multiple embedded computers through Super Computers

  • Development of Advanced Modeling Systems

  • Development of Common Track Management Software across Surface Navy Combat Systems covering tracking from subsurface through low-earth-orbit (LEO)

  • Development of Model Driven based UAV Ground Control for Army using FAA DO-178C Processes

International Standards Development

  • Object Management Group (OMG) 14 years, C4I (Military/First Responder) Task Force Lead for 10 years

  • Worked with teams to design and implement multiple International standards

  • Worked on Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) Architecture Standard at The Open Group

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