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Ronald W Townsen 

Mr. Townsen has over 50 years of experience in Army and Navy Modular Open System Architecture, Integration and software in addition to his 15 years in international Software standards development.  Ranging from basic research in undersea acoustics to combat system development and deployment.  Mr. Townsen has worked on systems and data reaching from the deepest parts of our oceans to outer space.


Mr. Townsen’ s experience ranges from towed array, bottom mounted array acoustic research (deep water, littoral and arctic, working with world leaders in acoustics) and Thermistor Chain signal processing.  In addition, Mr. Townsen has experience in acoustics and EW modeling, Ocean Internal Wave research in addition to rapid prototype RADAR development systems.


During the mid 1980’s, Mr. Townsen ran a software development effort to create a genetic analysis tool allowing genetics to analyze people’s history for potential genetic problems and provide the first graphical genetic tree generator from simple questionnaires. 


Mr. Townsen was a key member of the Ship Self Defense System (SSDS) MK2 Mod 1/2/3 and SSDS Open Architecture software development team coordinating architecture, infrastructure design, message development, common software, Rational Rose modeling and tool development for the program.  


Mr. Townsen continued working joint Open Architecture designs and compliance issues along with Joint Track Management areas for the U.S. Navy and providing subject matter  expertise (SME) support for Navy work on DoD Single Integrated Air Picture program; SME and software architect on the development of cross platform System Track Manager and Track Server for NAVSEA PEO IWS 6 SI/DA program, creating the first Objective Architecture based Surface Navy Combat System Components being deployed on SSDS Mk 2 and Aegis naval combat systems.  


Work continued as SME and architect on multiple different research efforts covering Requirements, Software Development, Automated and Manual Testing tools development.  Following his efforts on navy tracking system development, Mr. Townsen moved on to laying out architecture and team organization for the next generation UAV ground control system for Army PEO Aviation blending four (4) open architectures (NAVSEA Product Line Architecture (PLA) infrastructure/control architecture, Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE™) architecture, Army tactical network cyber architecture for remote vehicles, Office of Secretary of Defense (OSD) UAS Control Segment (UCS) Architecture.  

Mr. Townsen has continued his work with Army Aviation as they research how to change Systems Architecture from a "Artistic" endeavor to more of a Engineering process.  He has developed math and architecture relationships to enable the quantification of architectural choices to relate to customer set Qualities and Business Drivers. 


In addition to the above efforts, Mr. Townsen worked for fifteen (15) years at Object Management Group (OMG) focused on International standards.  Mr. Townsen led the C4I Task Force developing international standards for Military and First Responders, for over ten (10) years and has directed/generated many standards being used in current military systems in the United States and Europe.



Software Architecture Related Background

UML/SysML Modeling including oversight of UML Architecture tool development standards (International Standards Development for UPDM/UAF)

Open Architecture Design and Implementation expert across Army and Navy

U.S. Surface Navy Objective Architecture Design and Implementation

Requirements Development

Automated Testing and Automated V&V

Customer Interaction

Naval Combat System and Related C4I Data Modeling

FAA DO-178C Software Development using Model Driven processes for Army UAV Ground Control system


Computer Background

            HP1000 Real-Time Executive                        C Language

            SUN Unix (SUN OS and Solaris)                   FORTRAN Language

            Silicon Graphic Unix                                      X11 Software Development

            RS6000/AIX Unix                                          Multi-Processor Debugging

            i860 DSP Boards                                            Tcl/Tk Software

            DEC ALPHA UNIX                                      HP1000 Assembler

            DEC VAX                                                      HP1000 Micro-coding

            Paragon i860 supercomputer                          UNIX  2D/3D Graphics

            CRAY MPY Computer                                  Signal Processing

            PowerPC Embedded Boards                          Real-Time Debugging

            HP9000 HPUX                                               Borland C - DOS/Windows

            Concurrent - Multi Processor UNIX              MSC Visual C/C++ 5 & 6

            SHARC DSP Boards                                      Windows 95/NT development

            LynxOS                                                          Rational Rose UML

            C++ Language                                                Basic Language Scripting

            Rational Clear Case Development                  WISP RTOS for DSP56XXX

            Rational Modeling (UML, SysML, UAF)     Virtuoso RTOS

            Data Distribution Standard (DDS)                 VxWorks/Tornado

            DDS Secure                                                    TCP/IP Software Development

Java                                                                 HDF Software Development 
Cray/Paragon/Silicon Graphics Super Computers                                                                                                                             Parabolic Equation Modeling

                                                                        Software for Wave Propagation




·         6 Years’ experience, Software Architect and Chief Engineer for Army Next Generation UAV Ground Control System

·         Organized and designed Model Drive Development processes

·         Organized and designed Automate Testing process

·         Oversight of Systems Engineering, Software Development, Testing

·         Worked with Army Architect to combine four (4) architectures for new system (FACE™, Surface Navy Product Line Architecture, OSD UCS Architecture, Army network Cyber Architecture for mobile vehicles)

·         Organize Research for General Dynamics joint with University of Texas Austin

·         Supported Multiple Business Development Efforts

·         Developed System Readiness Level computation automation process

·         Lead and supported efforts at OMG as C4I chair and at The Open Group FACE™

·         Integration of testing tools (TESTIF standard)

·         Tactical Situation Display (TACSIT) Interfaces

·         Unified Architecture Frameworks Standard

·         Integration of FACE™ profile with Unified Architecture Frameworks (UAF)

·         Integration of Cyber Risk-Threat Analysis with UAF

·         Navigation Interface Standard

·         Open Architecture Radar Interface Standard

·         DDS Monitoring Standards

·         DDS Secure Standard

·         4 Years’ experience, SME for System Track Manager and Track Server for Surface Navy Combat System

·         Oversight and Architecture Design of Track across all environments (subsurface, surface, ground, air and space)

·         Oversight of Requirements Development

·         Oversight of Software Development

·         Oversight of Test Harness Development

·         Oversight of Product Testing

·         Working with Navy Working Groups for definition of infrastructure Component Frameworks services

·         Working with Navy Working Groups for definition of Track Domain Data Model

·         3 Years’ experience as Ship Self Defense System Engineering Software Architect Lead for:

·         For Single Integrated Air Picture (SIAP) DoD development program

·         Navy Open Architecture initiatives in support of Ship Self Defense Systems

·         Training of Open Architecture to Raytheon Germany for Navigation, Radar and Integrated Bridge Development

·         Working with Modular Open System Architecture (MOSA) team in England for British Navy initiative

·         OMG (Object Management Group) International Standards development for Naval Combat Systems (C4I Task Force U.S. Chair) and general C4I national and international efforts.

·         Working Data Modeling for Naval Combat Systems and C4I domain

·         25 Years’ experience working directly with U.S. Navy customers.

·         6 Years’ experience working directly with Army Aviation customers.

·         31 Years’ experience in development of presentations and speaking in front of large crowds both at U.S. National meetings and International meetings.

·         5 Years’ experience acting as Rose Modeling Manager for Ship Self Defense Systems MK2, managing a very large model (over 10,000 objects) and developing Rose Basic Scripts to manage the model and provide development support for over 200 engineers.

·         15 Years’ experience in UNIX based systems in areas of software development, multiple platform IP based communications, X11, Tcl/Tk, system integration (system generation and driver installation), hardware integration, VME based, Supercomputer based and standard workstations.

·         30 Years experience in applied signal processing and modeling in areas of acoustics, radar and other advanced sensor-based development and integration.

·         3 Years’ experience in software development on DOS, Windows 95 and Windows NT (Borland and MS Visual C/C++), Tcl/Tk.

·         35 Years experience in development of advanced software tools for heterogeneous cross platform software development.

·         48 Years’ experience in Real Time systems and heterogeneous system architecture, integration and software development.

·         25 Years’ experience in Cross Platform development.

·         22 Years’ experience in Digital Signal Processing board-based software development using RTOS and non RTOS operating systems.

·         22 Years’ experience in complex multi sensor system data acquisition, processing and analysis.

·         7 Years’ experience in supporting hardware sales through relationship with a hardware development company and working with customers for a number of different companies.

·         4 Years’ Six Sigma Specialist Qualified with over 6 projects completed

·         10 Years’ of at-sea experience on U.S. Navy research ships and boats, U.S. Navy warships, Canadian warships




Experience Overview


October 2018 to Present -  RWT Consulting


·         Providing consulting to multiple organizations in Open Architecture and Business Development.  Support is being provided to Army Aviation through both small businesses and University Research programs including use of Artificial Intelligence to understand "How to Measure a System architecture support for Architectural Quality Attributes and Customer Business Drivers".

October 2007 General Dynamics AIS/MS, Fair Lakes VA.

October 2018

·         Lead Systems Engineer

o   Chief Engineer and Architect for Army UASGCS-V4

§  Worked with Army Architect to develop Modular Open System Architecture (MOSA) based on four (4) separate architectures, FACE™ Architecture, Surface Navy Product Line Architecture (for system control), Army P3CT Remote Vehicle Cyber Architecture and UAV Control System (UCS) architecture from Office of Secretary of Defense.

§  Lead team through multiple research efforts showing full Model Driven Processes and automated testing chain of tools applied to FAA DO-178C development

§  Support to Army’s Aviation and Missile Research, Development, and Engineering Center (AMRDEC) Comprehensive Architecture Strategy (CAS) effort to understand how judge the quality of an architecture and provide a measure of its quality

§  Working with design to implement advanced Data Modeling processes into the Model Driven effort

§  Integration of advanced Automated Testing flow within the DO-178C process design

§  Development of Process, tools and approach to provide continuous monitoring of Product Line development based on System Readiness Level (SRL) and Technology Readiness Level (TRL) tied to Architecture Modeling

o   Systems Integrator/Design Agent for Navy PEO IWS 6

§  Subject Matter Expert and Architect for System Track Manager and Track Server based for tracking system to be deployed on Aegis Destroyers and Cursers, along with large Deck Aircraft Carriers and LPDs.

·         Key Technical oversight management of architecture and directing teams (Test Harness, Requirements, Software, Testing) for a Common Track Management system to work across multiple surface combat systems

·         Work with Navy/Lockheed Martin/Raytheon Track Domain Data Model Working Group

·         Work with Navy/Lockheed Martin/Raytheon Component Frameworks Working Group

§  Supported PEO IWS relative to Single Integrated Air Picture (SIAP) effort for Office of Secretary of Defense

o   Support for Business Development on various efforts

§  Common Processing System (CPS)

§  Support of Review of GD Canada Halifax Proposal


§  AMDR Lockheed Martin Team

§  PSEA Lockheed Martin Team

§  Army PEO Aviation efforts

§  NAVAIR Aviation efforts

o   Internal Research and Development (IRAD)

§  Littoral Combat System (LCS)

§  Automated Testing

§  Infrastructure

§  Tracking

o   Lead Co-chair for Object Management Group (OMG) International Standards C4I Task Force (oversight for Military, First Responders)

§  Manage quarterly meetings

§  Work with other Task Forces and SIG’s to interchange information and coordinate work on standards

§  Development of multiple international standards such as DDS health monitoring, resource management, merger of FACE™ architecture profile into UAF architecture tool, Data Tagging/Labeling for support of security.


January 2004   Raytheon Systems, San Diego

September 2007

·         Lead software SME support for SSDS representation for Joint SIAP (Single Integrated Air Picture) in areas of Architecture, Data Modeling, Infrastructure and Track Management, Design and Distribution and Integrated Fire Control.

·         Software support for Technical Director for Integrated Combat Systems (ICS) Division

·         Work with Raytheon Germany to train them in Open Architecture and apply the design principles to RADAR, Navigation Sensors and Integrated Bridge development

·         Work with Raytheon England to support British Navy Modular Open System Architecture.

·         Lead Software Engineer representing Raytheon ICS at Object Management Group (OMG) C4I Task Force to define International standards for Naval Combat Systems.  Working closely with U.S. companies and U.S. Navy to develop standards in areas of TACSIT, Resource Management, Alert Management, Navigation and other C4I related areas such as adoption of JC3IEDM for foundation of international data model exchange, MoDAF/DoDAF modeling standards, Data Distribution Standards (DDS)

·         Lead Engineer on Naval Open Architecture work for ICS

·         Lead Software Engineer for SSDS on Navy Tri-Program for Infrastructure Merging between key U.S. Navy surface fleet Combat Systems, later took lead position for SSDS in U.S. Navy Open Architecture development.

·         Software Manager during initial phases of Ship Self Defense Systems Technical Refresh to apply U.S. Navy Open Architecture Standards

June 1999        Raytheon Systems, San Diego

January 2004  

·         Rose Model Manager for SSDS MK2 program (Combat Systems) for CVN-76 Aircraft Carrier and LPD-17 Marine Transport ship.  Provided training and managed Rose model containing over 10,000 objects.  Job required training engineers in UML and model usage in addition to monitoring of model for consistency, looking for common patterns to be employed and working to manage teams developing common patterns/frameworks.

·         Common area and Message Manager for SSDS MK 2 program.  System contained approximately 1000 messages and over 7,000 Common area files, which required maintenance in C++, C and Ada95 across HP workstations, Sun Workstations and PowerPC processors supporting a development team of over 200 engineers.  Managing all areas of message development and CORBA based events in addition to coding of scripts for review of messages and automated generation of SSDS Interface Design Document.

·         Developed Concept and software to allow main software development to stay unclassified while focusing the classified work to a classified development system.  Results were a saving’s of over $300,000 in hardware and man power costs to the program and allowing program to make use of personnel in a bi-coastal work environment.

·         Operated as project tool-smith to automate large amounts of C++ code generation and monitoring of system development/Master Model saving program over $2M under Six Sigma projects.

·         Provided Initial Model Management, Common Management for Common Aviation Command and Control System (CAC2S) during 6 month search to find 3 engineers capable of taking over duties.

Jan 1991          CST Images                                                               San Diego, CA

Jan 1998                                                                                             

·         Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer of CST Images. 

·         Managed company for 7 years during successful research and development phase of three products including completion of beta testing and product delivery.

·         Developed Under Water Acoustic Analysis software (UWAA) based on SUNOS and multiple attached i860 processor boards to provide beam formed modeling of any acoustic sensor system with support for 3D analysis in situ using state of the art acoustic models, beam former models and detailed 3D sensor models.

·         Provided Support for Loral Federal Systems usage of UWAA software for modeling of advanced bottom mounted array systems for the U.S. Navy and for foreign proposals.

·         Developed Advanced Parallel Tools software (APT) product for CSPI i860 DSP VME boards and SUNOS UNIX.

·         Developed Visual Information Analyzer software development tool (VIA)

·         Provided support to i860 board based sales for San Diego CSP, Inc.

·         Implemented VIA for Paragon Supercomputers, Mercury Signal Processing Supercomputers, VxWorks Real Time Operating Systems, CSPI Signal Processing Supercomputers.  Ported VIA tool and validated for customers, to support DEC, SGI, HP and Concurrent workstations using UNIX.

·         Developed Underwater Acoustic Transmission Loss program for D2C to use during at-sea testing of new active sonar system on Solaris 2.5 system.

·         Under Contract, Ported SAR algorithm from SUNOS workstation to 6 processor, SHARC board running Virtuoso DSP Real Time Operating System.

·         Under Contract, Developed Graphical Event Tracer Debugger Display for Virtuoso RTOS from Eonic Systems.

·         Implemented VIA technology for Wind River Systems, Inc. based WISP DSP RTOS – Tailwind Product with Solaris 2.5 development host.

·         Developer of VIA_VSIP product for developers of Vector, Signal, Image Processing (VSIP) systems on Solaris 2.5 and Windows NT system.

·         Consulting to numerous development projects such as:

·         i860 real-time Neural Net Development (i860 boards connected to UNIX SUNOS workstation).

·         Mass Spectrometer Real-time Processing Development (Motorola based UNIX connected to DOS based workstation for display with quad i860 signal processing board).

·         Analysis of special Towed Acoustic Billboard Array using SUNOS Workstation.

·         Produced multi-processor-based software for optical signal processing systems tied to 4 processor DSP system using Solaris workstation with i860 attached processors.

·         Development of a tool to monitor and visualize the timing threads inside a VxWorks RTOS

·         Development for VxWorks software for control of a scientific satellite for positioning and data collection


Jan 1989          Systems Integration and Analysis                           San Diego, CA

Jan 1991         

·         Senior Scientific Developer for commercial system designs.

·         Senior Technical Manager for government project development.

·         Developed Processing systems for SPAWAR Acoustic Arctic data systems

·         Designed VAX based advanced acoustic processing system for NOARL (Naval Oceanographic and Atmospheric Research), Mississippi.

·         Developed 3 dimensional noise de-convolution algorithm in support of scientist at Naval Oceanographic and Atmospheric Research Lab using SUN and HP workstations.

·         Worked at Navy installations (NAVFAC facilities) collecting data and supporting analysis of data from bottom mounted array systems in support of Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) programs


Jan 1982          RST Software & Sales                                              San Diego, CA

Jan 1989         

·      Founder and Chief Executive Officer.

·      Consulting to U.S. Navy projects in areas of signal processing software development, sensor analysis and computer system integration.

·      Navy Research and Development Lab Torpedo guidance analysis

·      Acoustic array analysis

·      Directed development of advanced acoustic scientific systems for U.S. Navy Lab (NOARL) in area of arctic acoustic research.

·      Consultant to genetic lab providing software development, developing software for genetic survey of personal history for suggested genetic testing.  As part of this work, developed the first automated genetic tree graphing program and automated report generation program of its kind.  Working closely with lead geneticists including geneticists from University of California, San Diego to provide computer analysis of risk factors for single people and couples.

·      Consultant to Ventana Venture Capital Growth Fund in development of software and systems integration for clients.


Jan 1974          Naval Ocean Systems Center (NOSC)                    San Diego, CA

Sept 1982

·      Computer Scientist for sensor system analysis.

·      Developed advanced signal processing software for torpedo guidance system analysis.

·      Developed a language based general signal processing system for mini computer users to support a script based signal processing data analysis capability for multiple different programs and different data formats and recordings.

·      Worked closely for 6 years with World Renown Underwater Acoustic Theoretician Dr. Homer Bucker to support at sea experiments and data analysis for beam formers and Matched Field Processing used in bottom mounted arrays and towed acoustic arrays.

·      Development of early graphic display systems to show dynamics and acoustic capability of free floating acoustic array systems for Navy Lab.

·      Co-Founder of Hewlett-Packard U.S. based HP1000 User Group and co-lead for San Diego, CA User Group.

·      Managed software development teams for internal Navy lab projects.

·      Developed signal processing software for DARPA projects in areas of geophones, internal wave detection and magnetic detectors.

·      Computer System Lead to provided Computer software development and at sea support for Towed Thermistor Array in support of multiple DARPA programs around the world

·      Developed Graphic tools to support real time at sea analysis of internal waves, acoustic arrays and low power radar system.

·      Provided computer support and data analysis for low power RADAR system development using unique wave form.

·      Developed and maintained scientific computer analysis software used for validation of:

·      Lambda Towed Acoustic Array

·      SURTASS (under request of the Sec. of the Navy)

·      OAMS Acoustic Towed Array, managed computer systems during Naval exercise in Indian Ocean

·      Worked onboard multiple SURTASS ships collecting data for scientific analysis.


Jan 1972          Computer Sciences Corporation                             San Diego, CA

Jan 1974

·      Support Senior Scientist at NOSC in advanced algorithm development projects including data from Trieste dive into Mariana Trench

·      Directed team in data analysis of NOSC acoustic experiments.

·      Provided software for project data analysis.

Formal Education

1968- 1974     

·         Bachelor of Science, Low Energy Nuclear Physics, San Diego State

·         University Masters course work in oceanography

·         University Masters course work in Under Water Acoustics

1974 – Present

·         Applied Signal Processing Class with Dr. Fred Harris

·         HP1000 Micro coding

·         Object Design Patterns

·         Software Architecture

·         Six Sigma

·         Training in Rational Clearcase

·         Training in Rational Rose Enterprise UML Modeling


Travel Background:

I have extensive travel experience for both work and pleasure covering both the US and Internationally.  Visited and worked in Europe (Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Germany), Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Japan), Bahrain, Pakistan.  In the US, traveled and worked in Massachusetts, Road Island, Florida, Washington state, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, Washington D.C., Mississippi, Texas to name a few.  I am currently a "road warrior" supporting programs with 50+% of my time on travel.  I am fully capable, willing and able to spend significant time on the road as needed to support productive customer interaction and program goals.


Personnel Areas of enjoyment:

·         Helping My Kids Discover Their Path in Life

·         Photography

·         Reading

·         Writing Science Fiction (“Watcher in the Fall” series) and Historical Fiction (“Da Vinci Connections”)

·         Science (cosmology and oceanography)

·         Music


General Science Background

·         Acoustic Modeling

·         Sensor Modeling

·         B.S. Low Energy Nuclear Physics

·         M.S. Work in Oceanography


Personnel Information

·         Birthday: November 18, 1949

·         Held a SECRET clearance since early 1970’s

·         Divorced 2004

·         2 married daughters

·         1 semi-adopted young person I am helping to get her (with her young son) life in order

·         Adopted son at the age of 22 (adult adoption) after my divorce to help him get his life in order (now stable and on his way, married with a son)

·         Two grandchildren (one from my youngest daughter, other from my son)

·         DoD Clearance: Secret/Active with minor gaps since 1972


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